A Huge Online Dating Mistake

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Published: 10th April 2013
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Drum roll please... the top misstep that guys make in online dating is having a horrible profile picture. The idea that this is such a simple mistake to rectify is what makes this problem so terrible! How difficult is it to put up a very good profile picture? If you are serious about meeting women online and you want to have success, then having excellent profile pictures is imperative. Nothing will hurt your chances of online dating success as permanently or rapidly as having terrible bathroom mirror cell phone pictures as your profile picture.

One of the best techniques there is for successfully meeting women online is to often take a second and think of things from the woman's viewpoint. If you are a good looking woman in your twenties or thirties and you are getting over one hundred messages a day, your main goal is filtering those hundred of messages down to a manageable amount that you will consider checking out the sender's profile and replying to. The easiest and most likely way that a woman is going to filter down the messages that she gets is by looking at the profile picture that comes along with the message. If you have a lousy profile picture (aka a bathroom cell phone picture or a picture of your abs) then she will immediately delete your message and go on through the tens or hundreds of different messages that she has to sort through in order to identify men who she'd like to message back. It is irrelevant how wise, alluring, or nice the content in your message is, if you have a awful and off-putting profile picture that shows up along with your great message, it will be erased in less than a millisecond. You have to take into consideration HER outlook while you're trying to successfully meet women on the internet.

As well as improving the chances of your message not getting instantly erased, using a terrific profile picture could also become an ice breaker and a topic of conversation between you and the girl you're messaging. Do you have any pictures from a great exotic vacation? Do you have any crazy photographs that upon sight would get somebody curious about knowing what was happening? Have some fun with your profile pictures. Submit photographs of you with a massive fish you caught, or of you in front of Disneyland. If you put up engaging photographs, the girl that you are messaging will be curious and more apt to answer back. From there you two can get to talking about your fishing trip or vacation or really bright green shirt... whatever was taking place in the picture.

Besides being an ice breaker, just having a decent profile picture will provide you with a leg-up on all of your competitors with cell phone bathroom pictures who are messaging the same girl which you are. If the woman that you are messaging receives 75 messages that day, and she automatically deletes the 35 that are men with bathroom cell phone pics, then your odds of obtaining a reply instantly go up a ton. Having a horrible profile picture can greatly harm your chances of having success at meeting women online. But on the other hand, you can significantly improve your probabilities of success at internet dating by just taking the easy step of putting up decent profile pics.

Putting up a quick cell phone picture is the hassle-free option. It takes less time and it satisfies any issues you have concerning the way you look in pics. I get it! I don't particularly enjoy looking at pictures of myself and I understand where you are coming from if you don't either. But get over your insecurities right now! It's just a picture! And again, consider it from the woman's point of view. Would you rather take the time to reply a message from a guy with a creepy cell phone bathroom picture, or from a guy in a very nice collared shirt outside of a restaurant with his buddies? That answer is totally obvious and it will be evident in the results of whatever course you choose.

Get it done right now and resolve this simple and easy mistake! This is a 100% no-brainer! If you want to be successful at internet dating you only have to do a few things right. One of these things is putting up good, quality profile pictures. It is a very easy thing to do. Take A few minutes right now and make certain that all of your profile pictures are excellent, not creepy, and definitely not any of you in front of the bathroom mirror.

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